Why Toronto Pride 2015 Was More Momentous Than You Think

While monsoon-worthy rain shuttered many events over the weekend, it wasn’t enough to prevent Toronto Pride festivities from marching on.

But this year there were more reasons to celebrate than usual. Unless you happened to be on a deep-sea expedition exploring the Mariana Trench last Friday, you probably heard about a U.S. Supreme Court decision of some significance.

For the deep-sea explorers among you, this should catch you up.

With such a historic decision taking place on the eve of Toronto Pride’s big weekend, denizens of Toronto were especially amped up and showed their unequivocal support.

A New Era for the LGBTQI Community

But the news from the U.S. wasn’t the only reason this year’s Pride was especially exuberant. Toronto spent four years under a mayor who wouldn’t attend last year’s World Pride that Toronto had the honour of hosting. While Mayor Rob Ford notoriously denied his homophobia, his actions seemed to suggest otherwise.

This year marks the end of that period as incumbent Mayor John Tory made concerted efforts in actively supporting Pride—an important step in mending city hall’s relations with the LGBTQI community.

Not only did Mayor Tory resume traditional mayoral functions of Pride like presiding over the flag-raising at city hall…

He also had a little fun with his role, calling Pride Week “the best time you can have in Toronto with your clothes on”.

No matter what your politics are, the point is we now have a mayor in office who proudly recognizes Toronto’s diverse communities and actively participates in celebrating them.

And that is also something worth celebrating.


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